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They might look harmless, but your garage door springs are dangerous to handle. Let our professionals do the work safely for you! Call today for professional replacement.

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Maintaining, repairing and replacing your garage door springs is a huge part of your automated doors’ maintenance. This is because these often overlooked components are essential for the correct and safe functioning of your doors and opener. Installed in pairs on either side of the door, it is the springs’ job to ensure that it is properly balanced and aligned for smooth operation, but they also do their part in properly securing the door so that it can be used safely and without accidents. Unfortunately there are a number of ways in which your springs can take damage or fail, making their protection an integral maintenance task for your doors.Garage Door Springs

The importance of the springs

A pair of broken door springs is usually rare, but it doesn't have to go that far to affect the door. In fact, even just a single damaged spring will lead to its misalignment which will quickly spread damage to other areas as the single spring overcompensates to do its job. Operating your door with a single spring will prove to be impossible in most cases. So if even a single spring has failed, replacing it should be a priority.

Where does the damage come from?

Minor accidents to the door itself, rust from damp or harsh weather conditions and coastal climates, and wear and tear from extensive work are but a few contributors to damages being suffered by your springs. The weight of the door which they constantly support will eventually lead to cracks and structural weaknesses showing through in them, which is a sign that your springs need replacement fairly quickly.

Even oil tempered garage door springs which are hailed as the stronger, tougher solution have a limited lifespan in this regard, and so should be closely inspected and replaced as soon as the task is needed.

If you need assistance with your door’s springs, give Garage Door Repair San Diego a call today and speak to one of our consultants for further information and advice on keeping your garage door springs in top condition.

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