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Your safety means a lot to us! We promise top garage door maintenance to ensure it

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Some people think it is hard to find a professional, friendly garage door service these days. Well, that is only because they have not found The Garage Door Co San Diego yet.  We offer you wide variety of services for your garage door including a Garage Door Maintenance & Adjustment service that exceeds our customer’s expectations.  Not only are the services affordable but you are getting superb workmanship and high quality parts in the process. If you are looking for a garage door contractor that operates with old fashioned customer service using modern day technology; then our company is the garage door service provider for you.Garage Door Maintenance

At our Company of Garage Door Maintenance & Adjustment our staff and crew know how vital it is to provide preventive maintenance services to our friends and neighbors in the community.  A quality garage door is highly durable for years without any major repairs as long as preventive maintenance is performed on a regular basis.  With proper care the garage door tracks and the garage door cables will stay well maintained and function to their fullest potential.

We have put together a preventive maintenance program that we think far exceeds anything our competitors have offered.  We offer pre-scheduled timely service for lubrication that will keep your garage door fine tuned for a long, long time. Sure, we know that some do it yourself garage door owners could perform the maintenance themselves but why should they? 

Our garage door contractor will visit for regular services as lubrication and our experienced technicians will not miss a thing.  They are trained to be extremely focused on ensuring that every possible garage door part is properly adjusted and lubricated.  They will leave no screw un-tightened and no track un-lubricated.  Every single cable will be maintained as per the industry standards; and in most cases even better.  We will even check those springs for garage door to make sure they are lubricated and tightened.  In addition, we will check all the switches, batteries, and sensors to ensure everything is in working order.

We will go through every aspect of the garage door maintenance & adjustment process with a fine tooth comb so that you can be worry free and have peace of mind.  It is easy to forget just how important Garage Door Maintenance & Adjustment services is until it is too late and you get stuck with major repair bills that could have been avoided.

At our San Diego garage door service we want to provide you with the regularly scheduled lubrication services that will extend the life of your garage door system.

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