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Curious about garage door matters and want some answers? Common Questions are answered here.

How do I minimize spending on my garage door?

Proper maintenance is key. Cleaning, applying antirust and lubricants to your garage door and keeping the operator in good shape will lessen the need to have it repaired. Make good investments in quality care products and the returns of good maintenance will be greater than what you have spent.

How do I choose a garage door opener?

Choosing a garage door opener involves many factors for consideration. You have to be familiar with the types as well as the compatibility of the opener with your garage door and the garage itself. Our specialists  also recommend knowing the advantages and disadvantages of the different types.

Which is the better option - extension or torsion springs?

In recent years, torsion springs have become the norm for residential garage doors. This is because the torsion spring system has fewer components. Besides, the average cycle life of these springs is greater than that of their extension counterparts. The major advantage of extension springs is that they don’t require lubrication maintenance.

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